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Happilo 100% Natural Premium Whole Cashews, 200g

Rs. 251 Rs. 335
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Happilo 100% Natural Premium Whole Cashews, 200g
Happilo 100% Natural Premium Whole Cashews, 200g
Rs. 251 Rs. 335

Our cashews are a real treat. These are the best nuts you can ever find. They are delightfully rich and tasty, a nutritious treat that will make a great snack time.


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Pack of 1
Brand Happilo
Quantity 200 g
Type Cashews
Variant Plain
Container Type Pouch
Model Name 100% Natural Premium Whole Nuts
Combo No
Maximum Shelf Life 12 Months
Organic No
Added Preservatives No
Gift Pack No


I bought this pack for Rs 727/- (200 gm X5) after 15% SBI discount and 10% promotional discount during super value day and following are my observations.PROS:👍 The price is the biggest pro. It is cheaper than the ones available in local market. (Generally about 1200/kg in local market currently). It costed me ₹727/kg after super value day discounts.👍 Having five different packets are handy, they are resealable type. So one can open only one packet at a time keeping the other packets sealed and fresh.👍The cashews are best before 12 months and i got a pack which is 4.5 months old. So 5.5 months remaining which is acceptable. (SELLER - Cloudtail India)👍 The cashews are fresh however i see no difference than the ones available in local market either in size or taste.+ Store in an air tight container and refrigerate if possible after opening.CONS:👎 No vacuum packaging.👎 Personal is not a con for me but some broken pieces were observed======÷VERDICT======= Regular cashews, buy only if its available at a cheaper price than local market.Some very good deals available during the super value days.
When I opened the Happilo cashewnut packet I was shocked to see that I hardly found any broken cashewnuts. 95% of the cashews are whole. Not that big nor too small. Medium they are. Yes they are crispy and tastes as rich as cashew. Must try out ones!
The product can be summed as below :1. Fresh2. Less crispy3. Bit expensive4. Good packagingOverall not a good deal :p
Got great deal on these if I ordered five packets, so I did. The cashews were definitely big and whole and good quality, and came in re-sealable pouches, which was very nice!Only thing was that when I opened the bag and stuck my nose in, it did not have that distinctive cashew smell. Tried this with EVERY bag. This means that it has been processed more, and/or stored longer, etc. Still a good nut, but then I started buying the Touchstone brand (also on Amazon), and my nut world totally changed!! See my review on those as well.So these were not the BEST, hence the four stars.Hope that helped... please check "Helpful" below. Thanks!
I bought 2 packets of 200 gms each during Amazon Pantry offer. I have bought Solimo cashew earlier, and will compare the present item with the one from Solimo.The packaging for Happilo's cashew is quite good. It's platic packet can be resealed by pressing, and is an advantage as compared to Solimo.However, I find a good fraction of it's cashews are broken, which is not the case with Solimo. The size of the cashew is larger for Solimo. More importantly, the taste of Solimo cashews are much better than Happilo's. The last point is the main takeaway. Here Solimo's product appears to be significantly better than what Happlio is selling.
Got it delivered yesterday. Ordered two, got one in good condition and other empty. Couldn't be returned for the return policy. Overall dissatisfied.
 It's a good quality whole cashews from Happilo.This brand is providing well sealed dry fruits at a competitive price here in Amazon.We use kaju in making cakes, sweets, desserts etc.Packaging was fine and fresh stock.Amazon delivery was also appreciating.Please check my video and pictures.Thank you.
Must buy cashews. I have purchased this two times and always satisfied. Good taste and normal in size. Good packing and....Good points :-1. Taste good and crunchy.2. Fresh cashews.3. Packing used for cashews is good.4. Not founded any broken cashew or very less5.And what is the leading point is getting at a price lower than the market with Rs. 400 book my show voucher.Negative points:-I have no reason to put anything here.And last thing from my side just go for it with Amazon trust.
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