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Raw Essentials Dried Cranberries (500)

Rs. 266 Rs. 295
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Raw Essentials Dried Cranberries (500)
Raw Essentials Dried Cranberries (500)
Rs. 266 Rs. 295

Powerhouse of antioxidants; Boosts immunity; A woman's best friend as it helps in maintaining urinary tract health; Healthy and tasty snack!; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Shelf Life (Days): 548

Powerhouse of antioxidants; Boosts immunity; A woman's best friend as it helps in maintaining urinary tract health; Healthy and tasty snack!; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Shelf Life (Days): 548

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Pack of 1
Brand Happilo
Quantity 200 g
Type Cranberries
Variant Plain
Container Type Pouch
Model Name Californian Premium Sweet Dried Whole
Combo No
Maximum Shelf Life 18 Months
Organic No
Added Preservatives No
Gift Pack No


The produce is fresh and recently packed. The berries are both tart and sweet at the same time. It's not very sweet, which means that the amount of sugar added is optimal, although I'm not sure whether sugar has been added or not (the berries don't appear very sticky - something characteristic of sugar syrup coated food.) I've eaten it as it is and also used it in cakes - a good way to benefit from the seasonal "karonda" (which has not been used in pickles). The quantity of oil used for preservation is also minimal, just to prevent the berries from sticking. It's just that I expected the berries to be a bit more red in colour - these are a deep shade of maroon. They taste a bit like sour raisins but are more nutrient-packed. Got it for ₹549. Will definitely repurchase once this pack gets over!
4 stars because i hope it to be cheaper so i could buy it more regularly. Quality is maybe a tad bit better than the True Elements offering. Packaging is good and keeps it fresh for a longer time. As for the coated in oil review, i have found it to be the same for all other cranberries i have ordered online before. I wouldn't say they are coated in oil, but there is a definite shine to them.
Very tasty, unsweetened, cost-effective - though I bought it at a discount.The cranberries have some oil for preservation, but not so much that it tastes too oily.They are a perfect combination of sweet and sour taste that cranberries should be.The packaging is very good too and the freshness lasted as long as the cranberries lasted - about 30-40 days for me.I've tried other brands, but this one beats them.Highly recommended!
This is an amazing product. True to its word, there is no added sugar. Although, it may be noted that it is sour and minimally sweet, which is the natural combination of its taste.Cranberries are whole and too many! The packaging is air-tight due to zip lock. It, therefore, took off the burden of transferring the contents to another jar. Also, this eatable is a powerhouse of so many vitamins and antioxidants! People with UTI/Urinary Tract Infection should gorge on it everyday. It also contains enough iron with Vit. C making it a potent remedy for people experiencing both the deficiencies. Raw Essentials has taken utmost care in packaging to preserve the natural sugar and other nutrients of these berries. No wonder this is Amazon's Choice!
Absolutely Worth It, Firstly the actual facts which I observed, The berries are not coated with oil, I didn’t find traces of oil and there is no odour as well of preservatives. It’s mildly sweet and sour which is the best thing for someone who is trying to cut back on sugar. Another thing is the quality which is very very good. I am regular gym goer with a sweet tooth, and without anything sweet I used to feel depressed , so as the berries are mildly sweet and sour and not addictive..worth buying
This is the real thing. No added sugar. Very distinct cranberry taste. I've already bought twice.
Too sweet man, Ive tried some other brands like Rostaa and they seem much better, both in terms of value for money, and taste. These are just too sweet man. Waste of money really. Never gonna buy again.Good day boys!
Better to buy imported this one has to much of sunflower oil
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